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Roger Brundage

Senior Financial Consultant, Principal

Roger Brundage has been pursuing his passion of financial investments and stock trading for half a century. He has seen it all and is a walking encyclopedia of stock market knowledge. His wisdom and sense of humor are part of his daily life as he enjoys and cares for multiple generations of family. Always ready to listen and to share a laugh, Roger's positive attitude and keen investment mind are an asset to Liberty and his clients.

Rogers says "I'm a coach, specializing in personal finance. I help pick the players (stocks) and how long they play. I assist in choosing who will be on the team and how large the team will be. I work directly for my client (the owner-general manager). Why use a coach? -- to help individuals get through the corporate and market minefield unscathed."

Military Service

U.S. Air Force Officer: Office of Aerospace Research, Executive Officer, Churchill Research Range (Man in Space Program); Protocol Officer (for Division Commander, Major General); Director of Administration-Materiel (Transportation, Supply, Logistics).

Business Experience

  • 2004-Present Liberty Capital

  • 1993-2004 Alpen Securities, Inc, Owner

  • 1987-1993 Blakley, Strand, Williams & York

  • 1966-1987 Harris, Upham, Foster & Marshall, Shearson

Rodger Brundage: Services
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