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Anthony & Stefanie Reel


Anthony Reel

Vice-President Investments, Certified Financial Planner, Investment Advisor Representative, Senior Registered Financial Consultant

Stefanie Reel

Assistant to Anthony Reel, Certified Financial Planner, Manager of Operations & Compliance, Principal

Anthony has spent more than 20 years in the financial services industry and has earned numerous designations including Certified Financial Planner®. Anthony takes a total money management approach, while specializing in money management and bonds.

Stefanie has also worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years. She assists Anthony and his clients, as well as acting as the Manager of Operations & Compliance for Liberty Capital.

Anthony and Stefanie have two daughters, Khaya and Asa, that keep them busy. In his free time Anthony enjoys mountain climbing, camping, woodworking, gardening, hiking, snowboarding and golfing. Stefanie enjoys playing volleyball, skiing, camping, golfing and hiking.

Education & Experience – Anthony Reel


  • Vice-President Investments

  • Senior Registered Financial Consultant

  • Investment Advisor Representative

  • B.S. in Finance, University of Portland

Education & Experience – Stefanie Reel


  • Senior Registered Financial Associate

  • Manager of Operations & Compliance

  • B.S. in Finance, University of Portland


  • Financial Planning

  • Managed Money

  • Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds

  • Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, CD’s

  • Insurance

  • Managed Futures

Anthony & Stefanie Reel: Services
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